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1. How much does a web site cost?

A web site can vary in price from a little to a lot, depending on what you want. You can have a web site for as little as $50, but it would contain little more than what you would find on a business card. Since a web site is usually established as a source of information, you probably will want to put more on it than just your name, address and phone number. There are many factors to consider for a web site, and each factor, too, can vary in price. For instance, are you looking for a free host, or do you want a host that can provide you with an ad-free site, form, counter, survey or other capabilities, etc.? The more "bells and whistles" you need from a host, the more the host is going to cost.

 (for more "specifics", scroll down to #11.)

2. Why do I need a web site?

You have a business. You need customers to keep that business going. H&H Press gives you 5 very good reasons for a web site. Click HERE to learn more.

3. Why do I need more than one page for a web site?

You can put all your information on one web page, but the more info. you have, the larger that page becomes. The larger the page, the longer it takes to download. The longer it takes to download, the bigger the chances are of your "potential" viewer/customer becoming bored with waiting to see what's on your page and will go on to the next site instead.

4. What do I need to get my web site started?

First, you need to know what kind of web site you want. What is your budget? What message do you want to convey to your viewers? You don't necessarily need to know everything that will go on your web site - your web master should be able to help you with that. Next you will need a host, and possibly a domain name. These things, too, your web master should be able to help you with. If you are a "do-it-yourself" kind of person, you may want to learn how to build your own web site. H&H Press offers tuturoing courses by phone or in the convenience of your own home. E-mail H&H Press at webmaster@handhpress.com or call at 570-376-3361 to learn more.

5. What is a host?

A host is a company that has the equipment to house your web files so that your web site is visible on the world wide web.

6. What is an URL?

This is the address that viewers type into their computer to see your web site. A URL may be a domain name (yourname.com), or it may be a sub-name of a domain (yourname.somename.com). The "somename.com" part of the URL is the domain name of the website that your webpages are residing with.

7. What is a domain name?

This is a primary name for a web site that is usually created to be easy to remember. For instance, handhpress.com is the domain name for H&H Press.

8. How do I get a domain name?

A domain name can be purchased through a Domain Registrar service. Prices for domain names vary, just as prices for hosts vary. Before signing with a Domain Registrar service, be sure to price shop and compare. Your web master should be able to help you find the right Domain Registrar for your needs. Hosts, too, may be able to recommend a Domain Registrar. Many Hosts will set up your domain name for you, either as part of their hosting package, or for an extra fee.

9. What about Search Engines?

Many people who "surf the web" rely on Search Engines to guide them to sites that are relevant to what they are looking for. Web sites must be listed with Search Engines before they can appear on the Search Engine's directory. Some Search Engines charge to list a web site, some will list a web site for free. Each Search Engine has its own rules on how it lists and ranks a web site. While many hosts do not include Search Engine registration as part of their hosting packages, H&H Press DOES! We offer web hosting packages that will register your web site on 30 top Search Engines. We also offer Search Engine registration as a separate service for those who prefer to use alternative hosts, but need to get their web sites listed with Search Engines.

10. Do you have any final advice concerning web pages?

Always keep in mind that more expensive is not always better. There are many programs, etc. available on the internet that are either free or very inexpensive which work equally as well, if not better, than the "big name brands" out there. At H&H Press, we keep in mind the client's budget, as well as the design of the web site to present the most effective, cost-efficient design possible.

11.  Specifics, Please!  What cost there are to setting up a new website?  Let me know all the costs that incur with Initial set-up and maintenance with adding photos or other things to the site.

A typical small business site hosting package is $150/year and includes a domain name that is yours to keep, even if you decide not to host with H&H Press the following year.  I have a 2-for-1 package, in which you get 2 full sites for $250 a year.  I can break that down for you by the month at $25 a month (or $15 a month, if you want just 1 site), if you'd rather pay by the month.  All of my clients so far, though, have just opted for the $50 savings they get by paying annually.
Designing a site takes a bit of time, so that is a separate cost.  I set up the site in a content management system so when the design is complete, you have the ability to log in with a user name and password to add/edit content and photos as you desire.  You can figure about 10 hours of set up for a site, from custom design to fully working pages with content.  Your site isn't limited to any set number of pages - you can have as many as you like.  Once the site gets up, you have the freedom to add/delete pages to your liking as well, there are no other costs involved.  You only pay for the design of a site once, and maybe in a few years down the road when you want a different look to the site.  I typically charge $45 a hour to do a design, but with a premium hosting package with two sites, the total cost of designing both sites will be $750, which means another $150 savings.  If you are a real do-it-yourselfer, you can design your own site and just send me the template and I'll install it onto the website and make all the necessary tweaks for just $50.  Since I work with clients who have all levels of skills, from those who flat-out want me to do everything to those who want to do a lot themselves, my prices are customized to meet the individual client's needs.
So, if you prefer not to make any additions or edits to your site yourself, that's ok, too.  I will be glad to do the work for you.  I charge a minimum of 15 minutes for my editing service ($11.25), but in addition, with your Premium Site, you can have me do up to five 15 minute edits to either site for free each year.  For instance, if you need a photo edited to take out some ugly electrical lines in the sky, or you'd like a forum or chatroom added, whatever your special need would be, you have the equivalent of five 15 minutes sessions of free editing services.  So, if your picture editing takes 1/2 hour, you still have 45 minutes worth of free editing service from me for the year. 
If you have more questions, I'll be happy to give you answers.  If you want to know what I need to get your sites started,
Just say yes, you want me to design and host your website(s).  After that I will need an idea of what you want in the way of a domain name for each site (for instance, my domain name is handhpress.com) - I can't guarantee the domain names you want are available, but if they aren't, I'll send you a selection of what is available that would be close to your original preferences.
Then, if you have an idea of what you'd like your site(s) to look like, that would be a help, too.   Just surf the web and when you see something you like, let me know the name of the website so I can see it and design something similar.  If you have any photos, logos, color schemes in mind, let me know.  If you have no idea and just want me to come up with something, I'll send you a couple of samples to start with.  My goal is to create a design you will be happy with.