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PR Materials

    Our PR & Marketing Services:

    At H&H Press we believe that image is everything.  When
    your business, you need to present a professional
    image to your potential customers.  If you don't look
    professional, chances are you will get looked over in favor
    of your competition.  H&H Press offers an array of
    Business Products to help you create the best possible
    image for marketing your business. 

    Whether you provide us with camera ready copy or whether
    you prefer us to design your promotional materials, H&H
    Press will deliver quality products at or below market prices.

    We have a standard $50 set up fee for first time orders, and
    our prices below do not include shipping & handling charges. 
    Repeat orders of the same product/design will not include the 
    set up fee.

    Below are a few samples of our many products.  Click on the
    item to get info on specs and prices.  Please note that prices
    are subject to change without notice. 

    If you do not see what you are looking for, just ask, as we can
    probably get you whatever are looking for.

    Ask about our Daily Specials! 
    Sometimes items go "On Sale" as free for promotional purposes. 
    Only charges will be for set-up/design time as required and shipping.

    Call 570-376-2821 for fast, friendly service.