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About Us

H&H Press is a publishing company.  Whether you need a website, book or brochure published, our staff is trained and experienced to provide the full spectrum to meet your publishing needs.

Founder and owner C.J. Houghtaling established H&H Press in 1987, first as a publishing house for books, after paying her "dues" working up through the ranks from reporter to editor for local newspapers.  From there she branched out as a freelance writer for national and international magazines. Her poetry, fiction, and article has appeared in over 400 periodicals.

CJ's writing credits include such prestigeous magazines as: The Wolf Head Quarterly, Fox Cry, Bailey’s Beads, Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, The Literary Journal, Endless Mountain Review, Children’s Playmate, Byline Magazine, Wild West, Scuba Times, The Carousel News and Trader, American Writer's Review, Garden Railways, and Balloon Life.

The publishing house originally specialized in poetry chapbooks and "how-to" write textbooks for beginning writers and poets. Her stable of authors to date include poets Barbara Crooker, Beatrice O’Brien, Elaine Preston, Julie Damerell, Laurie Byro and science fiction writer Julia Ecklar. 

CJ was introduced to the internet in 1994, as a valuable research tool for her writing.  By 1995, she began experimenting with creating websites, first for herself, then for her husband and their various business ventures.  From there, her knowledge and expertise grew.

In 1996, C.J. was contacted by a local business in need of a website.  Once word got around the county that H&H Press could create great-looking websites at affordable prices, the decision to grow in the direction of the internet was an obvious choice for C.J. and her company.  H&H Press began building websites for literary magazines, writers, farm equipment dealers, veterinarians, travel agents, and many other businesses.

In 1998, C.J. expanded H&H Press publications to include an annual poetry magazine, miller’s pond. The magazine features poetry, contests, chap-book reviews, and poet interviews and has published novice, as well as established poets such as Hayden Carruth, Liz Rosenberg, Denise Duhamel, Colette Inez, and Vivian Shipley..

In the spring of 1999, the Northeast Equipment Dealer's Association hired C.J. to present a "web building" seminar to its constituents in 26 cities through-out 9 states, including Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and New England.  Those who have attended C.J.'s seminar, "Your Business On the Web," have praised it highly.

2009 has seen yet another department of H&H Press sprout and grow under the direction of C.J., with the introduction of designing and printing public relations materials for clients.  After all, whether the need is for a book, web-site, or brochure, the skills involved are the same: writing and graphic designs.

The P.R. Materials department offers a wide variety of promotional items every business needs to present a professional appearance to the public.  From banners to business cards, display ads to give-away items like hats and keychains, H&H Press offers top quality materials for every promotional occasion.

On the personal side...

In 1989, C.J. founded the Northern Appalachian Writers Guild (NAWG). In 1991, NAWG affiliated with Pennwriters, a networking organization for writers; to become the organization's north-central chapter known as the Northern Appalachian Pennwriters (NAP).

For over ten years, C.J. volunteered her time on the Board of Directors for Pennwriters. She served the organization as Area 2 Rep (1992, 1993, 1995), Conference Coordinator (1994, 1996) and Co-Coordinator in 2001, and as Treasurer from 1996 to 2002. She has coordinated the Pennwriters Poetry Contest, has organized several Northern Appalachian Pennwriters Summer Poetry Workshops, secured a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt status for Pennwriters, Inc, and was instrumental in getting the organization its first three grants from the
Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. As the 1996 Pennwriters Conference Coordinator, C.J. helped the organization earn its largest Conference profit margin in Pennwriters history at that time.

She is a life-time member of Pennwriters, and has been a member of the Cat Writers' Association, Finger Lakes Dive Club, Sisters in Crime and HTML Writer's Guild.

She serves her community as President of the Cowanesque Valley Joint Chamber of Commerce, as well as President of the Middlebury Union Cemetery Association.

Other community-oriented activities she has been involved with include organizing the Cowanesque Valley Outdoors Festival, organizing the Keeneyville Old Home Day, serving as Noble Grand for the Elnora Rebecca Lodge in Keeneyville, as well as Keeneyville Girl Scout Leader.

C.J.'s personal writing endeavors continue as she has published a cookbook called Wild About Pennsylvania, with vignettes on wild life encounters and recipes involving the regional flora and fauna from local contributors.  She also has a contemporary mystery completed, as several works-in-progress, including short stories, novels, and poetry.

C.J. is the "mother" of five cats, two dogs, and enjoys fishing and communing with nature at her 2 acre pond.  She lives on Fox Run Farm, a 112 acre Pennsylvania Century Farm with her husband and a menagerie of wild life, including deer, bears, foxes, coyotes, and bobcats.

Her most recent interests include composing music.  Having studied piano in her childhood years, CJ has a few early pieces she has written from that time period.  When she turned 55, however, she yearned to expand her musical abilities and took up the violin.  Since then she has dabbled with the guitar, mandolin, and banjo, as well.

Visitors to Tioga County where C.J. lives can find comfortable accommodations at Cat Tales Retreat, a vacation home run by C.J. and Kevin Houghtaling.  Guests at Cat Tales are always welcome to enjoy the wildlife and pond at Fox Run Farm.