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Below are a few samples of books published by H&H Press.

The Ultimate Guide to a Successful Book Signing

The Bird Artists

Wild About Pennsylvania

Bushels, Barrels, Bags and Boxes

 In addition to publishing websites and printing promotional materials, H & H Press also publishes books. 

If you have a book you'd like published, but do not want to go through the traditional route of submitting to numerous publishing houses or agents, only to gather a stack of rejection slips, consider hiring H & H Press to help you make book a reality.

Whether you have a complete book ready for printing, or need help editing the pages to get them polished to perfection, the staff at H & H Press has professional writers and graphic artists ready to bring your book to life.   We even can design the front and back covers to give your book hands-on eye appeal.

Since each book is the author's own personal vision, the cost to publish varies according to the number of pages, size of the book, amount of editing or graphic design required, and number of copies printed.  To get an estimate for your book project, fill out the form below.