We Bring the World to Your Door


Our Web Services:
    ~Domain Name purchase
    ~Design/Create Web Site
    ~Host Web Site
    ~Search Engine Registration
    ~Web Page Updates/Editing
    ~Mix & Match for a Complete Web Site Package
    ~We even offer private tutoriing and group classes to teach you how to build your own web site!

With H&H Press, you are not "locked in" to any contract. If you are not satisfied with the service you purchased, you can change services at any time.

Our webmaster services are also completely separate from our hosting services, so you have the freedom to choose the services you desire.

Free domain names come with new accounts only. Transferring existing web sites to our hosting service may involve additional transfer fees contingent upon information provided by existing host and/or domain registrar and time spent to make the transfer a success.


 Our Print Services:

We provide a range of print products for promotional needs, from fliers, brochures, banners, business cards and magnets to press releases and display ads.  We also can create promotional give-away items, from pens and keychains to shirts and hats.  Whatever your needs, H&H Press provides a full range of public relations services.

Book Publishing:

We help authors self-publish their books by providing the service you need most.  Whether you need your book converted into digital format, a cover designed, or an ISBN, H&H Press can handle the job.  In addition, you are not required to purchase more books than you actually need.  The finished book is yours, so all profits from your sales belong to you.  We do not take a percentage and pay you royalties like some subsidy publishers do.  In addition, we post your book for sale on our website and will handle payment transactions as needed.