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I have been working with CJ Houghtaling for several years now and she handles both of my accounts Century 21 Wilkinson-Dunn and Serv-U Settlement.

Her knowledge and understanding is invaluable when discussing terms and things that I am not well versed in.  Her pricing has been fair and competitive and CJ is never one to get you to buy something that she feels you do not need.

I never have to wait for her help as she is always available by phone or email.

I have previously recommended her and would recommend her to you.

Sandra Wilson, Broker Century 21
century21wilkinsondunn.com / servusettlement.com


"Had a call a few minutes ago concerning the new site. Mr. Greenwalt said it was extremely nice and well done.  Thanks to you.  I sure appreciate it. Thanks so much."
SID, ReallyRuralRE.com


"Wanted to let you know that I had received some e-mail about getting on an e-mall sight. Didn't really think about it, but decided to check out the sight and hit all the lotion & soap makers. I must have went to maybe 19 different sights. Guess what,? I do believe that my sight was just as nice and much better than a lot of what I saw. I was really impressed with the work YOU DO. It made me proud and very excited."

Karen Cooke, Mad Run Herbs

Because of the web site, we sold a property to a gentleman from England. He is a U.S. Citizen, but has spent the last 40 years there. He flew over, liked the property and we have a closing.... Thanks!!!"

SID, Really Rural Real Estate

"C.J. and company,

Just a note to say I really enjoyed your (Houghtaling's Garage) web site! It was written up recently in Entrepreneur Magazine and I had to check it out to see if it was as good as they thought...it is! It was called an example of a clean, no-nonsense, presentation of your wares (I'd call you the e-Bay of garden equipment!!), with NO POP-UP Ads! Thanks!!! Wish more people would use the web like you do. Nice job. Good luck. If I have a parts need, I'll get in touch for sure..."

Regards, Howard Abraham
Special Projects, R&D


J.D., Academy Corners Blues Committee

"Had a very nice coment the other day concerning our site. Person said it was very easy to get around in and it was very readable and a person can print the info off very easy. Thanks to you that is possible. "
SID, Really Rural Real Estate

"Honestly, I'm so glad I found you. You are doing wonderful things for us. we are happy with what you have done, thanks for taking on this project."
Sincerely, Greg Wickliff, Dieselhelp.com

"I'm impressed with your web site (DrKreger.com). It is simple to navigate, informative, clear and comprehensive. Nice job!"

Dr. Mary Craig, Managing Director,
CraigWorks Consulting

"That is a great site, CJ. I think my web page is one of the best I've seen among my peers. You did good."

Susan Meier, susanmeier.com